simply well

a healthy update for a mature wellness brand


SimplyWell is a population health management model that was established in the 1980s by medical professionals in Omaha, Nebraska, who had an inspired vision for the future of healthcare and employee wellness.

the challenge

Their medically-based model has been successfully implemented by organizations nationwide. However, since its founding, a number of competitors have surfaced in the contemporary marketplace. In order to proactively assert its distinctive value proposition, stay ahead of the curve for existing clientele and attract new clients, SimplyWell sought David Day Associates’ help.

the solution

brand identity

simplywell old logo


simplywell logo


We implemented our full proprietary research process to strategically get to the heart of the brand, uncover internal and external challenges, and identify ways to position SimplyWell away from the competition and stand out to their key audiences.


After distilling our discoveries, we developed a succinct brand core and messaging platform. The brand promise, “Where Health Counts,” speaks to quantitative success (reflected in employee health scores, as well as the employers’ bottom lines) and suggests that organizations offering SimplyWell programs are places where one’s wellness really matters.


We identified that the brand wraps around companies and people with an array of dynamic, healthy supports and we illustrated this in the trademark, which is a modern iteration of the well-understood apple in its previous logo. The fresh green color palette stands out in the market landscape, suggests vitality and growth, and feels smart.


We carried the new aesthetic and voice across a wide array of print collateral materials as well as their website and customizable online wellness portal. Through the website and online portal, we opened the interactive door to better health by allowing members to learn and measure their individual health progress. We wrote and designed the contemporary new brochureware website, complete with intuitive language and icons, and bright, fresh features from the brandscape. It effectively mirrors the educational and engaging nature of the product itself and stands out in an increasingly cluttered wellness marketplace.


This design was the foundation for the member-only online platform as well. Because existing members shared their experiences with the previous website, improved usability was a primary objective.



simplywell website

the impact

The refreshed brand received much praise from internal and external stakeholders, and the website pleased new and existing users upon its launch.