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CBSHOME Real Estate engaged with David Day Associates on a brand renovation project in 2010, which successfully forwarded both customer engagement and agent recruitment.

the challenge

In 2013, CBSHOME was still benefitting from their brand refresh yet cautiously anticipating possible confusion as a new competitor entered the market. Leaders saw the need for a consistent agent recruiting plan and message to support acquisition and retention of the area’s premier agents.

the solution

We worked with CBSHOME to understand how each of the office managers at discrete locations around the Greater Omaha area engage with potential agents. We got into the minds of recent recruits to see the process from all angles.


Recognizing that there are three main recruit mindsets – those just beginning to consider a career in real estate, those earning a license and exploring brokerages, and those working as an agent and seeking a transition – and substantial CBSHOME resources for each one, we developed an innovative and intuitive online portal to support both prospects and hiring personnel. Through a login-based system at, recruits can access useful tools and hiring managers can provide digital versions of the resources that best inform each mindset. In stride with this portal, strategic messaging guides have allowed managers to effectively communicate a meaningful and consistent message.

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the impact

This new recruitment plan cut down on clutter, confusion and any possible doubt that CBSHOME invests in the quality and development of its agents.