alter asset management

perfecting ux for building experience managers


Alter Asset Management is the property management arm of Alter, one of the largest privately held real estate development firms in the U.S.

the challenge

Over decades of forming successful partnerships, Alter Asset Management grew to manage former property owners’ and tenants’ assets in addition to those of internal clientele. With the majority of the portfolio constituting third-party business in 25 markets throughout the United States, the firm was more than ready to enhance its web presence with David Day Associates’ help.

the solution

There is significant equity in the Alter brand signified by its name, voice, color palette and graphic elements. We were compelled to honor and maximize those aesthetic features in a modern way on a highly user-friendly platform. A tasteful collage of real-life building and personnel images runs throughout the website to emphasize the warmth and ongoing relationships fostered by Alter Asset Management. Drawer features make comprehensive information, including verbose service lists, easy for users to absorb.

alter asset management website